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Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education – Advancing reconciliation in classrooms, organizations, and communities through the teaching and learning of Indigenous ways of knowing. The University of British Columbia is offering a 6 week on-line course that begins October 17, 2017. M​ight this on-line course​ find space in your schedule? Having successfully completed the course, a member of Salem Quarter Indian Affairs Committee …

General Secretary’s Letter from Bethlehem

General Secretary

Tonight is our last night in the Middle East. Every day so far I’ve felt like the day couldn’t be any longer or more emotional. Each day I learn that it can be. This was absolutely the longest day filled with more experience than I can process.

General Secretary’s Letter from Jerusalem

General Secretary

I’m writing this letter at the end of two very full days in and around Jerusalem. We are staying in a place right across the street from the New Gate to the Old City. It is mesmerizing to be walking in Jerusalem on the same streets that Jesus did.

General Secretary’s Second Letter from Cairo

General Secretary

Today was another very full day. Our first stop was a meeting with the leaders of Evangelical churches in Egypt. In the Middle East “evangelical” typically means what we might call protestant. There were about 30 people in the room including ten of us from the NCC delegation. Their ministries varied widely, from social services to pastoring churches, including a university professor and the first protestant in the Egyptian parliament.

General Secretary’s Letter from Beirut

General Secretary

It is 1:25 a.m. I just got back to the hotel from visiting with a member of the Quaker meeting here in Lebanon. The daytime, from 8-6 was entirely devoted to a series of conversations with people from the Middle East Council of Churches, including the General Secretary, the staff for Ecumenical Relief and the president of the board.

General Secretary’s Letter from Lebanon

General Secretary

Sometimes, following multigenerational connecting activities at annual sessions we have “report-back worship.”  In this style of worship, we settle into the love of God together and share out of the stillness our reflections on how the activity moved within us. As I sit in my room in Beirut and reflect back on this day so I can share it with you, I feel some of that same kind of deepening of experience in community.

PYM Participates in NCC Delegation to the Middle East

General Secretary, Middle East Collaborative, Peace & Social Concerns

Starting today, PYM General Secretary Christie Duncan-Tessmer is currently traveling as a member of a delegation of the National Council of Churches to the Middle East. This ten-day trip includes visits with diplomats, politicians, church leaders, and activists in Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, and Palestine. PYM will be posting periodic updates from Christie this week during her trip, to share what …

NJ Superior Court Rules Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape are Sovereign Tribe

Addressing Racism

The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation citizens are neighbors of Salem Quarter Friends. As posted on the Salem Quarter Indian Affairs Committee web site, the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation is engaged in a lawsuit seeking reaffirmation, from the state of New Jersey – NLL v. NJ. Comprehensive ongoing media articles are posted by their legal council, Cultural Heritage Partners; and an …

Financial Support for Retreat for Friends of Color

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Philadelphia Yearly Meeting will cover $150.00 per person of the cost of the registration of PYM Friends of Color and their families to attend the upcoming Retreat for Friends of Color. It will be held November 3 to 5 at the Stony Point Center in Stony Point, New York. Head to the Friends General Conference Website for more information and …

Children’s Epistle from Annual Sessions 2017


To Friends everywhere, We are the Fisher’s group from PYM Annual Sessions 2017. We learned about the love wolf and the fear wolf. We made dreamcatchers, god’s eyes, magnets and love wolf masks. We went to Snipes Farm to pick berries and make forts. We loved Fort Building, the goats, and god’s eyes. We explored how we are made and …

Meg Rose’s Next Steps

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Dear PYM Friends, I am excited to announce that Meg Rose will begin serving as our Young Adult Engagement Coordinator on September 1, 2017. She has served as Interim YAF Co-Coordinator for the past few months and as Interim Children’s Religious Life Coordinator for the past year. Meg’s unique experience in supporting children, families, and young adults will help us as …

Participate in the Quaker Action Training!

Addressing Racism, Outreach, Peace & Social Concerns, Quaker Life Council, Young Adult Friends

Become a Social Justice Resource Friend! In November of 2016, the PYM staff Community Engagement Team began a process of discernment with Quakers, organizers, trainers, and social justice activists.These elders provided guidance and expertise on how PYM Friends could most effectively move into social action, grounded in our powerful spiritual tradition and in our core commitment to honor that of …

Young Friends’ Annual Sessions 2017 Epistle

Annual Sessions, Epistle, Young Friends

Dear Friends Everywhere, Coming together in a new location, The College of New Jersey, the Young Friends program of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting gathered together to welcome old friends and new. Our experience began on Wednesday the 26th of July, as we came together with the Yearly Meeting. We met up with the group Spiral Q, whose mission is to use …

Middle School Friends at Annual Sessions 2017

Annual Sessions, Middle School Friends

Dear Friends everywhere, we are the Middle School Friends of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. This week, new friendships were formed, old friendships were tested and we are here today having learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We got to know each other through games, worship sharing groups and workshops. We watched a movie at a time when we really …

Overheard at Annual Sessions Day 5

Annual Sessions

Written by Grace Sharples-Cooke, Interim Director of Development After Meeting for Business and lunch on Sunday, Friends, Attenders, and families were turning in their keys, and packing their cars. In the parking lot near the south townhouses, I caught up with Liana Hershey, Mount Holly Monthly Meeting, one of our volunteer caregivers in the children’s program. As she spoke, Liana’s …

Overheard at Annual Sessions Day 4

Annual Sessions

Written by Grace Sharples-Cooke, Interim Director of Development Burlington News: One of the morning news stories from yesterday’s first Meeting for Business was that the ownership of the Burlington Meetinghouse and Conference Center was transferred from PYM to Burlington Quarter. William Robbins, Clerk of Burlington Quarterly Meeting sent this message of celebration: Dear Friends, On behalf of Burlington Quarterly Meeting I …

Annual Sessions Minutes of Action for July 29, 2017

Annual Sessions

Note: The following are Minutes of Action approved at Annual Sessions on July 29, 2017. The full Minutes will be posted following the conclusion of Annual Sessions, once the clerks have compiled them. Friends accepted the Admin Council report, and minuted their appreciation that the Admin Council and Personnel committee will under take the review and revision of the personnel policy and …

PYM to Undertake an Institutional Multicultural Audit

Annual Sessions

At Annual Sessions on July 29, 2017, the following minute of action was approved. The full minutes will be posted online in the coming weeks, as soon as they are compiled by the clerks.  Philadelphia Yearly Meeting unites with undertaking the process of an institutional multicultural audit, including: Appointing a steering committee that will select a consultant Reporting back to …

Overheard at Annual Sessions Day 3

Annual Sessions

Written by Grace Sharples-Cooke, Interim Director of Development I caught up with FCNL reps Jim Cason and Christine Ashley, who came to PYM to run a workshop and meet with Friends interested in engaging in legislative lobbying for bills with bi-partisan support. Christine says, “we are absolutely here because we want to see where Friends are right now. It’s a …