Privacy Policy


All contact information (names, titles, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers and other contact-related information) contained throughout the PYM website is private information for the exclusive purpose of facilitating communication among PYM Members and other people who need to keep in touch with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.  All contact information contained in the PYM website is private information.

By your use of the PYM website you expressly agree that you will not copy, save, duplicate or in any other way use any contact information contained in the PYM website to create, enhance or manage any list, database, archive or other compilation; or use PYM contact information for any purpose other than your own personal communication with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Privacy Policy (Jan. 1, 2013, rev. May 5, 2013)


Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) collects Personally Identifying Information (PII) and other forms of information about constituents including members and attenders of monthly meetings and other individuals and organizations who have provided their information to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.  Philadelphia Yearly Meeting maintains its own databases of Personally Identifying Information and other information about its constituents.

Monthly and quarterly meetings are encouraged to submit constituent information.

Monthly and quarterly meetings are encouraged to provide the names and contact information including postal address, email address, telephone numbers, membership status and other information about their members and attenders to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting in support of the yearly meeting’s needs to communicate and conduct business with constituents of our faith community.  Individuals are encouraged to likewise provide their contact information to PYM.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting privacy policies

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting respects the privacy of the members, attenders and other constituents of our faith community and is committed to guarding against the unauthorized use or distribution of personal information.  PYM constituent information is proprietary information maintained by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting for official use and is not released to the general public or business community.  This Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Privacy Policy applies to the safekeeping and use of all Personally Identifying Information (PII) provided by meetings and individuals to us.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting utilizes personally identifying information (PII) for many purposes including but not limited to communication and financial purposes.   Philadelphia Yearly Meeting uses PII for the following primary purposes:

  • Publication of news and information for the benefit of constituents
  • Invitations to programs and events
  • Supporting the work of PYM committees, working groups, and granting groups
  • Processing of registrations for programs
  • Processing financial transactions
  • Fundraising, including the Annual Fund
  • Support for electronic and print communications
  • Support of the PYM website
  • Development of constituent statistics and analyses

Sharing and Use of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting constituent information (PII)

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting shares PII information with selected entities including committees, meetings, volunteers, institutions, suppliers, and others on a case-by-case basis including the following:

  • PYM Staff, committees, working groups, and granting groups
  • PYM Quarterly and Monthly Meetings
  • Entities under the care of PYM or PYM Quarterly Meetings and Monthly Meetings
  • Entities to which PYM appoints representatives or where there is a substantial working relationship with PYM
  • Authorized third parties who assist or perform PYM business functions

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting limits the sharing and use of personally identifying information according to the “PYM Mailing List Policies.”  Requests for contact lists and other PII information may be made to the PYM General Secretary, Director of Development, Director of Communications or Database Manager.

To the greatest extent possible, all PYM staff, committees, organizations and volunteers are expected to utilize established PYM bulk communication channels rather than attempt distribution of information & materials on their own. These publications include PYM Today Online, the PYM Thread Newsletters (Finance, First Day School, Friends Education, Pastoral Care, Peace & Social Concerns, Worship & Ministry and Youth Programs) and special announcements.  Utilizing these communication channels does not require the release of constituent information (PII).

Limitations of Use of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting constituent information (PII)

PYM constituent information released to any organization or volunteers may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise redistributed without the written consent of the General Secretary.  Recipients of PYM constituent information are expected to implement adequate safeguards to protect the privacy and use of all PYM information received and notify PYM immediately of any breach of privacy or misuse of information.

Recipients of PYM constituent information (PII) may not use the information for personal, commercial or political uses.  Recipients are prohibited from using information obtained from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting for creating, supplementing or maintaining independent databases, lists or websites.  Any information regarding corrections, additions or deletions of data contained in the list(s) provided for your use should be reported to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting within one week.

When shared, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting constituent information may not be used for fundraising purposes unless otherwise approved in advance in writing by the General Secretary.

Constituents may limit certain uses of their personally-identifying information

PYM constituents may limit certain uses of their personally identifying information by contacting the PYM Director of Development or Database Manager.  These limitations may include:

  • Mailings of PYM Today and other postal mailings
  • Email communications from PYM
  • PYM Annual Fund appeals

All PYM constituent information is electronic.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting no longer produces mailing labels; all mailing lists are maintained, used and shared electronically.