Tuition Aid

Tution Aid for PYM Friends’ Children in PYM Friends Schools

Who Can Apply

Eligibility requirements

  1. MEMBERSHIP—At least one parent or legal guardian needs to have been a member of a Monthly Meeting within Philadelphia Yearly Meeting for at least one year prior to the start of the school year in which the funds will be applied to tuition.
  2. NEED—Families must complete the Friends school’s financial aid process – submitting all required financial information to the school. Each Friends school provides a list of qualifying applicants to the Friends Education Fund. The parent is responsible for coordinating the application process with the Meeting. Schools use a formula that gives an advantage to Quaker families (schools have agreed to base their calculation of need on 80% of family income). Families who qualify for even the most modest amount of aid – given the assumption their income is 20% less than it actually is – are considered eligible for a grant.

How To Apply

Applications and additional information are posted on the Friends Education Fund website: Application is initiated by the family through the Friends Education Fund website and made in coordination with applicant’s Quaker School’s financial aid process and their Quaker Meeting.

Deadlines: December or January – Tuition Aid form to Clerk of Monthly Meeting; February 15 – Tuition Aid form to School; June 15 – list of students applying for financial assistance from school to Friends Education Fund.

Grants are paid directly to the school in the Fall of the year for which tuition aid is awarded. Families are kept informed about the process through the school’s financial aid officer. Families need to be in touch with their own Meetings to request any additional funding from the Meeting.


Zachary Dutton
Associate Secretary for Programs and Religious Life


The income sources for National Friends Education Fund include: 1) annual contributions to Friends Council on Education designated to tuition aid for Friends families in Friends Schools; 2) Friends Education Fund endowment, including contributions from the Jonathan E. Rhoads Trust; 3) the National Friends Education Fund; and 4) funds provided by PYM through Jonathan E. Rhoads Endowment Fund, the Samuel Jeanes Fund, the Anna Gray Morris Trust, and the DeCou Trust. Friends Council respects and implements any gift restrictions as indicated or requested.