Aging Assistance

Anna T. Jeanes, one of the original donors to the funds now under the care of the Aging Assistance Granting Group.

What We Do

The Aging Assistance Granting Group makes need-based grants to individuals.

Who We Are

Members of the Aging Assistance Granting Group are appointed by the PYM Granting Committee; PYM’s Care and Aging Coordinator assists the group.

Current Granting Group members: Alison Anderson, Joan Ayars, Dick Bansen, Jane Fox Laquer, Richard Nurse (clerk), Martin Trueblood, Bethann Morgan, Amy Duckett Wagner.


George Schaeffer
PYM Care and Aging Coordinator
(215) 241-7068

How To Apply

Elderly PYM members in financial need may apply to the Aging Assistance Granting Group for grants to assist with their basic needs or to make it possible to live in retirement facilities, or to remain in their own homes. They are encouraged to apply as soon as a need is known, by contacting PYM’s Care and Aging Coordinator. Applications may also be made on their behalf by family members, their Meeting’s Care Committee, or their retirement facility. These grants to individuals are kept confidential.

‘Pocket money’ grants are also made to residents of PYM Friends retirement facilities who otherwise would have no spending money.

Deadline: no deadlines; apply when assistance is needed.
Application: download and follow the Aging Assistance Guidelines [PDF], or contact the Care and Aging Coordinator to obtain the application guidelines.


  • Anna Jeanes Fund #1 – Established by will of Anna T. Jeanes, who died in 1907, for assistance to “Disabled Women residing in the Quarterly Meeting Homes for Disabled and Infirm Friends and those in sympathy with us.” During the 1890s, Anna Jeanes had given many thousands of dollars to Hicksite Quarterly Meetings to enable them to establish boarding homes. The fund is now used for pocket money for women residents, and for the general benefit of residents – birthday parties, activities programs, etc.
  • Strohkarck Fund – Established in 1984 by anonymous donors to assist elderly persons (Friends and non-Friends) living in Friends facilities operated within Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Renamed after Frank Strohkarck, whose bequest doubled the size of the Fund.
  • Inouye Fund – Established in 1983. It derived from interest on Notes which were part of the purchase price when Friends Hall at Fox Chase, a skilled nursing facility, was sold to Jeanes Hospital in 1982. It is also known as the “William Y. Inouye Fund.”
  • William Satterthwaite/ Anna J.F. Hallowell Fund – Established in 1962 by will of Anna J.F. Hallowell, who died 6/2/41. “The income from which to be distributed by the Committee in charge of the fund established under the will of Anna T. Jeanes for Disabled Women residing in the Quarterly Meeting Homes in the same manner as said fund is distributed, except that the distribution hereunder shall be made without regard to sex.”
  • Lida W. Van Iderstine Fund – Established in 1956 by will of Lida W. Van Iderstine for all Friends boarding homes within the area of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.
  • Albertson Fund
  • Cadbury Fund
  • Shepard Fund (distributed on behalf of Friends Fiduciary)
  • Pennsbury Fund ((distributed on behalf of Friends Fiduciary)
  • Aging Grant Fund – Comprised of several individual funds, viz. —
    • Ralph Williamson Fund – Established in 1977 by the will of Ralph Williamson, directing that “…the recipients of assistance from funds bequeathed by me need not be members of the Religious Society of Friends, provided that non-Friends may be assisted only for periods during which they are residents or patients at a facility for the care of the aging which is under the control of members of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.”
    • Older Friends Fund – Established in 1975 by bequest under Deed of Trust of Ethel M. Buzby, and other contributions, to help elderly Friends with medical expenses and other financial assistance.
    • Rebecca C. Lippincott Fund – Created in 1993 by termination of a trust established by will of Rebecca C. Lippincott. The trust only called for money to go to a “Fund for the Elderly”; Representative Meeting gave Friends Committee on Aging the responsibility of deciding how it would be used. They decided to use it to supplement Anna T. Jeanes Fund #1. After an initial three-year trial period of such use, the Committee confirmed its use for this purpose indefinitely.
    • Michener Fund
    • Mary Grant Fund