Quaker Buildings & Programs

Chester Meeting roof renovations in 2018.

What We Do

The PYM Quaker Buildings and Programs Granting Group (QB&P) makes grants for construction, renovation, and capital improvement projects of Quaker organizations, and to support programs that strengthen Quaker retirement communities and other specific Friends organizations, in accordance with the donor restrictions of the funds under the group’s care.

Who We Are

The members of the Quaker Buildings & Programs Granting Group are appointed by the PYM Granting Committee. Current membership: Joan Ayars, Bill Bolger, Geroge C. “Skip” Corson, Jr., Storm Evans, Wally Evans, Harry Hammonds, Wright Horne, Doug Humes, Amy Jarrett, Mary Day Kent, Donald Kidder (alternate clerk), Constance Lezenby, Carter Nash, Thomas Wells (clerk).

Unami Meeting floor renovations in 2018.


Lucas Riche, PYM Staff
Grants Associate
(215) 241-7201

How To Apply

The Quaker Buildings & Programs Granting Group meets twice yearly to consider applications, with deadlines on February 1st and August 1st of each year. The members of the group conduct site visits to many applicants following those deadlines, as part of their review process. Consult the Quaker Buildings & Programs Guidelines [PDF] for application details; in addition to the Guidelines, download a copy of the Quaker Grantmaker Common Form [PDF], which the Guidelines will instruct you to complete.


Natalie Clifford Barney, original donor of the Natalie Clifford Barney Trust.

  • Samuel T. Jeanes Fund for Meetinghouse Purposes – Established in 1899 as a restricted deed of trust from Anna T. Jeanes “to aid in assisting Quarterly and Monthly Meetings and isolated members of restricted means in the repair and construction of meetinghouses for Friends.” The fund is intended to meet those unusual or unexpected expenses that active Monthly Meetings within Philadelphia Yearly Meeting have been unable to budget for.
  • Keeney Trust – Established in 1978 by the will of Virginia Drysdale Keeney in memory of William R. and Mary J. Keeney, Susan Dorothea and Virginia Drysdale Keeney, Susan N. Jones, and Caleb R. and Mary Pancoast Keeney. “Income… to be used for non-recurring expenses such as improvements or alterations to, and acquisition or construction of new buildings (but not regular maintenance) for Friends Meeting House, Friends Homes, Friends Schools and other Friends institutions, including libraries….”
  • Charleston Fund – Established by act of legislature in the late 19th century to assist Meetings in need of repair. The Fund can assist Quaker Monthly Meetings in the United States that are not members of PYM.
  • Mary Pusey Trust – established by the will of Mary Pusey in 1977 to support existing PYM homes for the elderly; Jeanes or Friends Hospital or other hospitals under PYM care; Friends Journal; PYM Meetings providing financial assistance in the education of young Friends; and AFSC social service within the United States. Tuition-assistance grants are generally made to PYM Education Programs for grants to Friends children in Friends schools.
  • Jeanes Fund #2 For Hospitals And Infirmaries – Established by will of Anna T. Jeanes, who died in 1907, “for the benefit of Hospitals or Infirmaries of the Quarterly Meeting Boarding Homes for Aged and Infirm Friends and those in sympathy with us.” Fund reverted to Fiduciary in 1968, when Women’s Hospital, for whom it was previously held, dissolved.
  • Anna T. Jeanes Fund # 3 – Stapeley Farm – Established by will of Anna T. Jeanes, who died in 1907, as an “Endowment Fund in perpetuity for the support of Quarterly Meeting Boarding Homes for Aged and Infirm Friends and those in sympathy with us.”
  • Joseph Jeanes Funds #4 – Established in 1895 from the estate of Joseph Jeanes, which was administered by his sister, Anna T. Jeanes, “To assist in the establishment and maintenance of Boarding Homes for the aged and infirm amongst Friends and those in sympathy with us.
  • Joseph Jeanes Fund # 5 Under Will of Anna T. Jeanes – Established by will of Anna T. Jeanes, who died in 1907, through “An additional donation to the Joseph Jeanes Fund for Quarterly Meeting Homes, the income thereof to be devoted to the establishment and assistance of Hospitals or Infirmaries connected with the said Homes.”
  • Frank Scheibley Trust – Established in 1979 “for the establishment, enlargement or maintenance of a home for aged Friends… to be maintained by some branch of the Religious Society of Friends… application of such funds [to] be in the discretion of and under the control of Representative Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.”
  • Natalie Clifford Barney Trust – Established in 1976 by the will of Natalie Clifford Barney bequeathing the funds to Family Relations for “carrying out its program of planned parenthood (birth control).