What We Do

The Greenleaf Granting Group provides aid to elderly Quakers and those in sympathy with Quakers for housing needs and ongoing costs. The group’s decisions are guided by the Greenleaf Guidelines and the Greenleaf Values Statement.

Individuals who are 62 years of age or older can apply. The fund does not make grants to organizations.The Greenleaf Fund provides grants and loans to elderly Quakers, and those in sympathy with Quakers, who are of modest means and in need of assistance to meet their housing needs and other costs of living. There are two deadlines every year, on May 1 and October 31.

Who We Are

Members of the Greenleaf Granting Group are appointed by the PYM Granting Committee. Current members: Meg Barney (Providnce MM / Chester QM), Francine Cheeks (Newton MM / Haddonfield QM), , June Hodges (Haddonfield MM / Haddonfield QM), Sallie Jones [clerk](Birmingham MM / Concord QM), Rose Ketterer (Newton MM / Haddonfield QM), Fred Melroy (Medford MM / Haddonfield QM), Winnie Shaw-Hope (Radnor MM / Haverford QM).


Nicholas Gutowski
Director of Grant Making

How To Apply

Consult the Greenleaf Granting Group Guidelines [PDF] for application details.

Applicants must complete the Application Form, and one of the two Financial Statement Forms, one for grant requests over $1,000 and one for those under $1,000 per year.

Awards are made as grants or no-interest loans. Applications are considered according to the following priorities:

  1. Residents of The Greenleaf’s boarding home,
  2. Members of Monthly Meetings in Haddonfield Quarterly Meeting,
  3. Members of another Monthly Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting,
  4. Those who are in sympathy with Friends (i.e., parents, spouses, domestic partners or certain staff or volunteers in Quaker organizations) and live in the geographic area defined by Haddonfield Quarterly Meeting,
  5. Those who are in sympathy with Friends and live in the PYM area.


The Greenleaf

Greenleaf Fund – Established from the funds of the former Greenleaf Boarding Home to maintain the values that guided that organization: caring, compassion, confidentiality, and respect for all residents of the home.