Travel & Witness

What We Do

The Travel and Witness Granting Group makes grants to individuals to support:

  1. International travel to further international understanding, peace, and other Friends concerns
  2. Individual PYM Young Adult Friends in ministry, service, witness, and Quaker study
  3. Transportation expenses of PYM Friends traveling in religious service
    • To attend Annual or Quarterly Meeting sessions
    • At the request of and on behalf of PYM
    • Under a religious concern with the recognition and support of their Monthly or Quarterly Meeting

The group also makes grants to organizations for programs, events, and activities that support and build the community of PYM young adult Friends.

Who We Are

The members of the Travel & Witness Granting Group are appointed by the PYM Granting Committee. Current members: Miyo Moriuchi (clerk), Guinevere Janes, Joshua Ponter, Sarah Robbins, Ruth Seeley, George C. ‘Skip’ Corson, Jr., Sandy Rea, Jocelyn Park.


Lucas Riche, PYM Staff
Grants Associate
(215) 241-7201

How To Apply

Consult the Travel & Witness Guidelines [PDF] for application details. You will need to complete the Travel & Witness Application Form [PDF] when you apply, and if you receive a grant, you will need to complete the Travel & Witness Report Form [PDF] when your project or travel is completed.

The group has four yearly deadlines: March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1st; in rare cases of extreme urgency, applications may be considered
in the interim if possible at an additional called meeting. Such decisions require at least 4 weeks of advance notice.


  1. Pemberton Fund, which was established by will of John Pemberton, who died in 1795, leaving about three acres in the Northern Liberties to the Yearly Meeting “for the use, benefit and service of Friends, members of the same Society as myself, for the accommodation of the horses of such Friends as may attend the Yearly Meeting, or the Quarterly Meeting of Philadelphia, the Meeting for Sufferings, or other religious service of our religious Society, from what partsoever they may come.”Many years later this field was in the way of city expansion, and Friends asked the State of Pennsylvania for permission to sell. The request was granted on condition that the proceeds from the sale be invested and the income be applied to the same or like purposes as set forth in the will. Over the years, income from the sale of the land has been used to assist Friends with transportation expenses incurred through religious participation and service.
  2. International Oureach Funds, which comprise several different distinct funds –
    • John Way Fund – Established by Trust for John Way’s daughter Mary, terminated on her death in 1986, and directed to the International Outreach Committee as successor to the Japan Committee.
    • David Scull Trust – Established by will in 1907 for the benefit of the Friends Foreign Missions Association to be used first for its work in Japan but “not exclusively if in their judgment a part of said income could be better used for the work in other places.”
    • International Outreach #1 Restricted – Established 1923-1965 by individual donations. Interest to be used for the Foreign Mission Association of Friends, which later became the Mission Board of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The Mission Board was succeeded by the Japan Committee in 1973, which in turn was succeeded by the International Outreach Committee, and that in turn by the International Outreach Granting Group, which merged into the Travel & Witness Granting Group.
    • International Outreach #3 — Established by transfer to the International Outreach Granting Group from the Mission Board. Originally the retirement expenses of foreign missionaries of PYM, but not limited to that purpose; supports projects that further international understanding in keeping with original purpose, as PYM has no missionaries outside of the United States.
    • International Oureach #4 Restricted – Established by gift of $1,000 in 1937 from Henriette Pearsall, understood to be for the medical expenses of PYM missionaries on furlough; supports projects that further international understanding in keeping with original purpose, as PYM has no missionaries outside of the United States.
  3. Friends Institute Fund, which offers grants to individual PYM young adult Friends (aged 18 to 40) to encourage and support them in ministry, service, witness, and Quaker study. It also supports programs, events or activities of organizations which support and build the community of PYM young adult Friends.