Faith and Practice

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has many publications, but the best known is Faith & Practice, which is the written record of the collective sense of the Spirit of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Quakers.

Faith & Practice includes advices on procedures within the faith, membership, current practice for conducting meeting business and numerous quotations from Friends on belief, worship, concerns, leadings, and testimonies.

About PYM Faith and Practice

First adopted in 1955, Faith & Practice was revised in 1972. After 25 years and numerous reprintings, it was revised in 1997 and again revised in 2002, with updates in the section on Yearly Meeting structures and a new section of biographical notes.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting appoints a Faith and Practice Revision Group to periodically review and revise Faith and Practice.  We revise Faith and Practice from time to time in order to reflect continuing spiritual discernment, incorporate new governance structure and practices and generally bring the book “up to date.”

More information about the revision process is available on the Faith and Practice Revision Group web page.