Involvement in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is an extended network of Friends. This community exists to hold and amplify, deepen and nurture the experience of Spirit, and everyone’s talents and involvement help make that happen. Friends throughout the yearly meeting are invited to share gifts, to bring truth, capacity, and strength into the life of the community.  The yearly meeting increasingly sees itself as a network of connections to enable those with particular interests, concerns, and gifts to be linked to others with a similar focus. The website ( describes many opportunities for involvement. All Friends are encouraged to learn about and use tools and technologies that enable everyone to participate regardless of their time, physical limitations and geographic location. Some connections are made in informal ways, and some require an application process through the Quaker Life Council. The Nominating Council welcomes recommendations of Friends to serve the community in more formal structures, such as the Quaker Life Council and the Administrative Council.  Yearly meeting staff help support Friends connections, including maintaining the yearly meeting website, publishing newsletters, providing communications infrastructure, assisting groups in planning events, and providing expertise, resources and other services.