Property and Employees

  1. Is title to real property
    1. Held by the meeting as a permanent corporate body, as recommended by the yearly meeting?
    2. Held by the trustees of an unincorporated body (and if so, are the trustees all living and competent to serve)?
  2. Does the meeting participate in the Friends Insurance Group’s Master Policy or otherwise carry adequate insurance to cover loss, replacement and liability?
  3. Does the meeting provide adequate financial and other resources for appropriate maintenance of its property both now and in the future? Are funds regularly budgeted for repair and replacement of property?
  4. Is real property managed with care for the integrity of the natural world?
  5. Are the meeting’s burial grounds simple in style and carefully maintained, with accurate records that are up-to-date and accessible?
  6. Does the meeting have policies for hiring, oversight and dismissal of employees? Are these policies consonant with Friends principles?
  7. Do employees receive caring oversight and equitable compensation and benefits?