State of the Meeting

  1. Does the meeting engage in regular self-assessment and reflection? Does it prepare a state-of-the-meeting report?
  2. Does the meeting have the spiritual, physical, financial and intellectual resources to fulfill its mission? If not, what steps are being taken to fill the gaps? Has it considered calling on the quarterly or yearly meeting for assistance?
  3. Does the meeting seek expert advice, when needed, regarding the mental health or behavioral issues of its members and attenders, finance and accounting, labor and employment practices, and property and real estate?
  4. Are mechanisms for succession of leadership available and used? Do these mechanisms encourage the nurturing of new leaders? If the membership of the meeting is small, is there a plan for ensuring a succession of leadership?
  5. Does the meeting have clear and effective procedures for the replacement of the clerk, the treasurer or other officers of the meeting in case of need?
  6. Does the meeting consistently attempt to ensure that the work of the meeting is equitably and broadly shared?
  7. Does the meeting pay attention to outreach and care of visitors?
  8. Does the meeting provide religious education for all ages?