Faith Reflected in Practice and Daily Life

Bring the whole of your life under the healing and ordering of the Holy Spirit, remembering that there is no time but this present. Friends are reminded that we are called, as followers of Christ, to help establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

— Advices, IV

It is not easy to live faithfully as Friends in today’s world, to remain true to our heritage and principles while trying to live fully in that world. But it has always been so. Each generation of Friends has faced challenges involving the use of time and resources for education, work, marriage and family life, personal relationships, and civic and social commitments.

Friends understand that our lives are nurtured and enriched as we move into a deeper relationship with our Friends meeting community. The meeting community can help us meet the challenges that we inevitably must face as individuals. Active participation in the life of the meeting—in meetings for worship and business, and in social, educational and other meeting activities—enables us to belong to a caring and supportive spiritual community.