Ecumenical and Interfaith Work

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is represented in the World Council of Churches through the Christian and Interfaith Relations Committee of Friends General Conference. In addition, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is identified as a “member communion” of the National Council of Churches. Many Friends meetings maintain formal and informal relationships with local ecumenical and interfaith bodies. These affiliations enable meetings to engage in projects and programs with various denominations and to be reminded of our historic roots in the Christian tradition. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting names representatives to state councils of churches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Friends also seek opportunities for spiritual fellowship with neighbors from the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and other religious traditions. Continuing dialogue with such groups and with the various Christian denominations is especially important if Friends are to balance our distinctive witness with a willingness to learn from others.

As Friends seek to live lives that speak in the world, work with others of faith is a powerful means to bring about understanding and reconciliation.