Faith Reflected in Our Organization

In all the affairs of the Meeting community, proceed in the peaceable spirit of Pure Wisdom, with forbearance and warm affection for each other.

— Advices, II

The structure of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting resembles that of other yearly meetings of the Religious Society of Friends throughout the world. The basic group within this structure is the local Friends meeting, customarily called a “monthly meeting,” which gathers weekly for worship and monthly to conduct business. A number of monthly meetings are joined in a quarterly meeting, usually gathering four times a year to conduct business. A still larger number of monthly meetings constitute a yearly meeting, which meets every year for several days of worship, business, workshops and fellowship. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting also conducts some of its business, and provides activities and services, at other times during the year.

There is growing awareness in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting that the term “monthly meeting” is confusing to many as it suggests a group that convenes once a month.  Many Friends have substituted the term “Friends meeting” except when referring to the conduct of business.