Quaker Periodicals

The Friend, established in 1843, is published weekly in Britain. The Friend is owned by The Friend Publications Ltd, a charity that also publishes the Friends Quarterly. The trustees are appointed from members of Britain Yearly Meeting. thefriend.org

Friends Journal, created in 1955, is a national journal, which succeeded the periodicals of the two separate branches of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Hicksite and Orthodox—see section IV). Friends Journal is published by Friends Publishing Corporation. Its goal is to serve the Quaker community and the wider community of spiritual seekers through the publication of articles, poetry, letters, art and news that convey the contemporary experience of Friends. friendsjournal.org

Quaker Life, started in 1960, is published by Friends United Meeting. Its purpose is to inspire through devotional articles, photos, essays and spiritual journeys of Friends; inform through news of Friends around the world, book reviews, classifieds, Passages and a meeting directory; and teach through regular columns and numerous other articles. fum.org/quaker-life

QuakerQuaker, begun in 2005, is an online community of Quaker bloggers, video producers, photographers and readers reaching across divisions and out into the world to talk about ministry and renewal. quakerquaker.org

Quaker Religious Thought, begun in 1959, is a journal of Quaker theology spanning the differences in theology, with Friends from all theological traditions represented. qtdg.wordpress.com

Quaker Theology, begun in 1999, is a progressive religious journal and forum for discussion and study published by QUEST: Quaker Ecumenical Seminars in Theology. quest.quaker.org

Western Friend, begun in 1929, is the official publication of Quakers in Pacific, North Pacific and Intermountain Yearly Meetings. Its mission is to build practical and spiritual connections among Western Friends in print, online and face-to-face. westernfriend.org

What canst thou say? (WCTS), formed in 1994, is an independent quarterly publication cooperatively produced by Friends who have felt the movement of the Spirit and wish to deepen their understanding of it by interacting with others who also have had experiences of the Divine. Issues contain stories of mystical experiences and the growth that comes through contemplative practice. Retreats are offered occasionally. whatcanstthousay.org