1. Are official membership records maintained? Is a member of the meeting assigned this responsibility? Are the membership statistics presented to the monthly and yearly meetings annually?
  2. Are informal records of members and attenders maintained in order to communicate with and build the meeting community?
  3. Does the meeting (and any institutions under its care) keep clear and accurate financial records? Are these and other meeting records (deed, corporate by-laws, operating records, etc.) kept in a secure location?
  4. If the meeting is incorporated, are its records maintained and its corporate procedures conducted in accordance with good practice and legal requirements?
  5. Are minutes of the business of the monthly meeting and of significant meeting committees accurately and neatly kept on acid-free paper and taken in a timely manner to the Friends Historical Library at Haverford or Swarthmore College?
  6. Has the meeting established document retention guidelines to reduce the storage of unnecessary routine items such as vendor invoices?