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Local Meetings are often referred to as “Monthly Meetings” because they usually meet at least once a month to make decisions about issues and concerns that affect the local group. These congregations worship weekly.

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Recent Intervisitation Reports

Our General Secretary has invited all Friends in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to visit two meetings each year as a way to know one another better and experience the breadth and diversity of our faith community. We also invite you to share a snapshot report of your experience after each visit. We will post Friends’ stories and pictures on our website as a record of the travel amongst ourselves.

Friends gathered for Fifth Day Worship this morning after a brief period of fellowship with and treats for the Meetinghouse horse. We met on the front porch of this pristine, historical Quaker gem on what was among the absolute finest of Spring days.

This Meetinghouse has not had regular Worship for some years, save for the traditional gathering on Thanksgiving morning. Friends found themselves eager to begin regular weekday Worship here, and decided to continue the traditional Fifth Day time for now and call a business meeting at some point to discern future plans. We were inspired by the opportunity to invite others to join us at a time when they were free of responsibilities with their own Meetings, and welcomed the opportunity to invite 'lower-case' friends from other faith traditions to sit in Worship with us midweek.

After meeting for almost three hours, Friends closed with silent Worship and rose to sign the register and spoil the horse some more. We went on our ways refreshed with new ideas and inspiration for this place, and visions of an upcoming ice cream social and a potluck dinner, the cornerstone of any robust Quaker Community!

Visit to Middletown Preparative Meeting
By Paul Indorf
June 1, 2017
COMPANIONS: Paul and Fran Sheldon, Judy Reese, Shakespeare (service dog), Jenifer Elam, Roscoe (dog). And Patience, the horse.

There's new life at Darby Meeting! After being shuttered for many years, Darby now meets on first- First days. I was delighted to be among nine Friends on this occasion, in deeply gathered worship. At the rise of Meeting there was a brief, informal business meeting that reviewed plans for an upcoming event with Bartram's Garden (John Bartram is buried there). After Meeting, we all went out to lunch together, enjoyed some robust fellowship. Two new, energetic members and a collegial atmosphere give this Meeting a great future!

Visit to Darby Monthly Meeting
By Paul Indorf
March 5, 2017
COMPANIONS: Judy Reese, Shakespeare (service dog)