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Local Meetings are often referred to as “Monthly Meetings” because they usually meet at least once a month to make decisions about issues and concerns that affect the local group. These congregations worship weekly.

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Recent Intervisitation Reports

Our General Secretary has invited all Friends in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to visit two meetings each year as a way to know one another better and experience the breadth and diversity of our faith community. We also invite you to share a snapshot report of your experience after each visit. We will post Friends’ stories and pictures on our website as a record of the travel amongst ourselves.

I appreciated the deep silence of worship, and how welcoming the Meeting was. It was wonderful to reconnect with Hollister and to meet new Friends.

Visit to Frankford Monthly Meeting
By Bill Heinemann
March 5, 2017

A caring and thoughtful meeting for worship. The day started with a well attended half-hour forum detailing volunteer efforts with prisoners. Meeting for worship ministered in a very caring way to a members issues with both thoughtful responses useful to all and a carefully selected bible verse or two. I almost finished counting attenders but stopped at 60. Following meeting there were refreshments and the forum continued for another half-hour.

Visit to Downingtown Friends Meeting
By Ed Dunlop
February 5, 2017