Youth Programs Sprint Completes Work: Thank You!

Children, Friends Who Care For Youth, Middle School Friends, Religious Education, Young Friends

With gratitude for their service, Youth Sprint III has been laid down, having completed their work on the Vision and Mission statements for Youth Programs, and with the formation of a Youth Programs Advisory Committee (YPAC), approved by the Quaker Life Council at its meeting on October 20, 2018.

The Quaker Life Council (QLC) Youth Programs Advisory Committee will consist of eleven people, including two Middle-School-age and two High-School-age members. The committee will have at least one parent of a current participant in a youth program of PYM (at a monthly, quarterly or yearly meeting level) as a member, and the PYM Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life and the Youth Engagement Coordinator will also be members of the committee, serving ex officio.

“With Divine assistance, the Youth Programs Advisory Committee sets the overall direction of PYM youth programs under the guidance of the vision and mission. The committee works closely with pertinent PYM staff, monthly and quarterly meeting staff and community members who care for our youth. The committee helps to season issues, respond to concerns, and hold youth programs in loving care. A key operating principle of this committee is to empower youth voice and share power in the context of beloved community. The committee embodies this principle through the way it conducts its affairs and fulfills its charge outlined here.” – from the Quaker Life Council Corollary Handbook, page 7

A powerpoint presentation on the Vision and Mission for PYM Youth Programs was shared at Annual Sessions in July 2018, and is linked below.

Deep gratitude to the Youth Sprint III members, and all who contributed to the process of articulating a vision grounded in community, accessibility, Quaker faith and values, and meaningful participation.