Welcoming New Young Friends Program Staff

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We are delighted to announce the appointment of Lori Sinitzky as the incoming Young Friends Program Facilitator. The search committee conducted interviews with three finalists from a strong candidate pool, and were in unity to bring this recommendation forward to the General Secretary, who joyfully accepted the committee’s recommendation with thanks for their work.

Lori is excited to join the collaborative work with Young Friends on journeys of exploration and discovery, community, unity, and self-actualization. Lori is a member of Green Street Monthly Meeting and participates in the Worship and Ministry committee. She is a passionate Quaker and educator with 15 years of experience in Friends schools. She describes herself as a spiritual seeker with a family history of diverse spiritual practices. Lori has a deep commitment to Quaker ways, social justice, and full inclusion of all people. She brings mindfulness practices and a love of the visual and performing arts to all aspects of her work.

Lori is joining the Youth Programs team as we prepare for Annual Sessions, and will be the program Assistant for Young Friends there, working with current Young Friends Co-Facilitator Kody Hersh. Lori will transition into the Facilitator position starting at Fall Continuing Sessions.

The search committee included two Young Friends, Kaise Coyle and Mary Denham (co-clerk of Young Friends), along with Robert Rosenthal, who serves as the adult clerk alongside Young Friends clerks and is a long-time Friendly Adult Presence in the program. Elizabeth Croce, Middle School Program Facilitator, and Melinda Wenner Bradley, Youth Engagement Coordinator, also served on the committee.

Please join us in welcoming Lori!