Us & We Art Goes to Washington

Young Adult Friends

We are sharing this Feb 18 blogpost by Joey Hartmann-Dow, from  her US & We Art website as we feel it perfectly illustrates the spirit of Quaker activism.

Hey humans, I have some pretty rad news.

Next week I will be heading to Washington DC where I will fulfill a 3-month residency with the Friends Committee on National Legislation. I’ve been involved with FCNL for several years and when I found out about the Friend in Washington Program, I said “Hey, would you ever consider having an artist in this space? Because here’s my idea…”

I want to make a book that reads like a comic, following interconnecting story-lines around a specific social justice issue. My goal is to show the humanity of all the parts involved, to expose how we are all connected when it comes to social justice, and to empower anyone, no matter what your background, to engage with your representatives to affect change through policy.

This is so exciting to me– getting to work with an organization I love, dig into my Quaker roots, challenge myself in a new medium, and explore the possibility of powerful change through storytelling. It feels like a sweet intersection of my artistic, spiritual, and political journeys.

I hope to produce 2-3 comic/zine installments this Spring, and maybe the project will continue to grow beyond that!

Stay tuned for ways to be involved, and for my next adventures… looks like the next year will be full of them.