Roles of Presiding Clerk, Rising Clerk and Alternate Clerks under Review


PYM’s Administrative Council has initiated a Sprint to evaluate the current expectations for those positions and determine what, if any, modifications might be desirable. The current roles, responsibilities, and terms of the Presiding Clerk, Rising Clerk and Alternate Clerks are set out in the Governance Handbook.

The Sprint is considering issues relating to:

  • How we best identify and prepare individuals for these roles
  • How we support individuals serving in these roles
  • The necessary level of involvement of the presiding clerk in the workings of the councils and their committees
  • The roles of alternate and rising clerks
  • The appropriate terms for individuals serving in these positions

Give us Your Feedback

In addition to interviewing former presiding clerks, Friends with leadership roles on the Councils and certain staff, the Sprint would like your input.
Please provide your thoughts to the Sprint, not later than March 15, 2019.