Resource Friends

Resource Friends help our community thrive by providing support in specific areas of concern in our monthly and quarterly meetings. These are Friends who offer a diversity of gifts and extensive “how-to” knowledge.

Meetings which utilize Resource Friends are invited to reimburse them with a financial honorarium for their time and services. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting funds the training, staff time, and other administrative costs that bring you Resource Friends, and we ask that meetings chip in the small amount of money to cover the cost of honoraria for Resource Friends. If a meeting cannot afford an honorarium, please be in touch with us by emailing Zachary T. Dutton, There are funds available to cover the honorarium as well, in these cases. View our honorarium guide here.

Practice Areas

The Resource Friends program is organized into practice areas that correspond to our five Threads.

Active Practice Areas:

Forthcoming Practice Areas:

For more information about Resource Friends fill out the inquiry form or contact the Associate Secretary for Program & Religious Life Zachary Dutton at