Application for Work, Witness or Activity within PYM

Thank you for your interest in our yearly meeting with your spiritual gifts! Please answer the questions in the application to the best of your ability; please be specific yet concise. Once this application is submitted, the Quaker Life Council (QLC) will review the information and let the contact person know how the work will best fit within the yearly meeting’s structure. (Is the work for a sprint or collaborative? Does it sound like a viable Thread? Is this type of work already being done by another group? Etc.)  A member of the QLC will be in touch with the contact person to discuss any questions or concerns.

Please make sure you have read the full overview of application guidelines before submitting.

The QLC will hold accountable all work, witness and activity under its care as defined by the strategic directions of our yearly meeting. Many of the questions directly or indirectly refer to the strategic directions, and we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them before submitting the application. To understand the various ways in which the Quaker Life Council holds the groups under the yearly meeting’s care accountable, refer to the governance handbook.

If accessibility needs mean that you need help filling out the online form or require a hard copy of the form, please contact us at or 215.241.7008.