Quaker Life Council

With divine assistance, the Quaker Life Council maintains the community and the spiritual depth within Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The Council stewards yearly meeting programs and relationships with other organizations.

Submit a State of the Meeting Report

As our new Faith & Practice illuminates, this tradition provides, “a deep and meaningful opportunity that draws the community together.” When we see what others are celebrating, mourning, and witnessing, we can be inspired, drawn even closer together, and moved in our spiritual development.

Submit your report using the form or email to zdutton@pym.org

Submit a Work & Witness Application

There is a place for all sorts of activity within our yearly meeting community. The Quaker Life Council will help discern the right direction for your work. Do you have a common interest or concern? Are you under the weight of an emerging leading for work or witness? Apply to become a collaborative or sprint under the care of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Make sure you read the full overview of application guidelines before submitting.