Funding Application

The Application Process

Please make sure you have read the full overview of application guidelines.

  1. All applications are reviewed by the Quaker Life Council Program Committee for approval or recommendation.
  2. When submitting your funding application, please include all funding needs that will occur between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019, otherwise known as Fiscal Year 2019.
  3. If you are not yet a formal part of PYM (like a collaborative, granting group, monthly meeting, etc) you need to use the application to come under the care of the yearly meeting.
  4. The Program Committee will review requests for funding in two “rounds”. The first round occurs in August and the second round occurs in September prior to the beginning of the Fiscal Year. Thereafter, if there are remaining funds, the committee will consider later applications on a rolling basis. It is highly recommended that groups submit their requests as early as possible. Funding requests are considered relative to the funds available at the time of submission and on a case-by-case basis. This means that with each passing “round”, there will be smaller sums to give.
  5. To be considered in the first round, submit your application by August 15, 2018, at midnight.
  6. To be considered in the second round, submit your application by September 14, 2018, at midnight.

Additional Application for Funds

  • About your group:

  • Funding

  • Expenses

  • Who is the contact person (Clerk or Convener)?