PYM Staff Join National Walk Out Day

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Quakers in our region have a long history of concern about gun violence. Individual monthly meetings and the yearly meeting have approved minutes and spoken with lawmakers about it. A campaign that grew out of PYM peace work successfully closed a Philadelphia gun shop with a tremendous reputation and record for straw purchases.  At this time when the youth of our nation are taking leadership on addressing gun violence we have opportunities for joining them and for learning and action.

Today, the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting staff who were moved to do so joined youth across the country in a national walk out. At 10 AM, PYM staff stood with students from Friends Select School and others in front of City Hall. The students read aloud the names of those who were killed at the Parkland, FL high school shooting and called on our leaders to take action.  More information about the walk out is on the web here.

You can follow live updates on walk outs happening all over the country on the New York Times website.