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Friends Find Inspiration and Support for the Journey of Ministry at Resource Friends Gathering

As a volunteer, George Salloom remembers being profoundly affected by a hospice patient who was different, he didn’t fear his own death. This man’s clear-eyed courage, wisdom and compassion inspired George to become a hospice worker and eventually a bereavement counselor, a vocation which he continues to pursue.

At the February gathering of Resource Friends in Ministry & Care, George found himself excited by the morning program on Building Gifts. Acknowledging one’s spirit-given gifts in ministry, having these gifts affirmed by others and teaching from the authority of the spirit, opened for him a way to pursue his concern for aging, death and dying among Friends.

Spirit-led ministry defines who we are as Quakers

As Friends our learning in the spirit is a life-long pursuit, one that often unfolds without our direct awareness. For George, having the opportunity to reflect on his journey in supportive community with others was “something missing from my previous religious practice.”

George came away from the gathering understanding that, “learning about myself with others, (who I am to God, to my meeting and to the world!) challenges me to embrace the uncomfortable aspects of my calling, the hard parts, using my gifts in ministry to overcome my fear.” For George, facing the realities of life with courage and compassion continues to inspire.