Nanticoke-Lenape Legal Resolve: Victory Celebration & Acknowledgement

First Contact Reconciliation Collaborative

Six years ago, finding unity, Salem Quarter Friends began a political letter writing campaign seeking justice – New Jersey state reaffirmation of Tribal status for the Nanticoke-Lenape People. Three years ago the Nanticoke Lenape sought legal resolve, and SQ sent a letter of support to their legal council, Cultural Heritage Partners. That letter and a personally signed amicus brief were included in their legal portfolio. With newly appointed state Governor and Attorney General the case has come to a resolve; the Nanticoke-Lenape Tribal Nation is once again recognized by the state.

Grateful for the part that friends and allies played in their victory, Chief Gould sent invitation to two SQ Indian Affairs Committee members to attend their “Victory Celebration.” Other guests included family and members of legal council – Greg Werkheiser, Eden Burgess, and Frank Corrado. Everyone is graciously thanked for their time and efforts in “keeping our Tribal family secure.”

During this “Victory Celebration” Chief Gould acknowledged their long hard struggle. We heard that with the Creator, combined prayers, combined efforts, and honesty, success has been achieved. In a letter to his Family, he further states, “keeping a positive prospective, our needs will always be met. Our work is not complete. Please come and join us as we prepare for the next seven generations.”