Minutes for Fall 2017 Continuing Sessions Have Been Posted

Continuing Sessions

With much anticipation, it is with great joy to inform you that the Minutes from Fall 2017 Continuing Sessions have been posted to the PYM’s website.

The posted minutes entails the discussions and decisions made during the 2017 Fall Continuing Sessions held at The Arch Street Meeting House where many were in attendance. As we apologize for the delay, we wish to inform you that these minutes were prepared and approved using an experimented procedure. In this process, draft minutes were posted online for comments, the comments were then incorporated, and an appointed committee approved them. Please note, this experiment has been found to be less than satisfactory and this is the last time it will be utilized. Future minutes will undergo other proposed options to best suit the growth and development of Continuing Sessions. The proposal will be posted with other advance documents for the Spring Continuing Sessions on our website.

We look forward to your valued interest and participation in our upcoming Continuing Sessions this Spring, registration is ongoing.