Minute of Appreciation for Catherine Campbell

Minutes, PYM, Young Adult Friends

The Young Adult Friends community would like to minute our appreciation for our member Catherine Campbell, for her service as PYM’s Young Adult

Catherine co-facilitating a Pastoral Care Workshop at the 3/9 Thread Gathering.

Engagement Intern these past several months. With hindsight, we can clearly see the Spirit at work in the fortunate alignment of Catherine’s need and availability for an internship with the community’s need for dedicated support and intention in planning this March’s action at Berks Detention Center. Catherine was unquestionably the “logistics Queen” of this action, and was able to smoothly wrangle a very complete bilingual website and brochure for the action, a school bus from West Philadelphia to the action to transport dozens of community members, and sustainable lunches to nourish us after the cold and windy morning before heading to Continuing Sessions. Beyond these logistical feats, we have been blessed by Catherine’s spiritual presence and ability to keep our community grounded. Our coordinator Meg Rose specifically highlighted her joy in experiencing Catherine’s infusion of fresh energy in the PYM office as a fellow YAF to validate ideas and concerns in the day to day. Our whole community recognizes Catherine’s embodiment of the key Quaker values of integrity and community and we hope to have her among our group for a long time to come after the conclusion of her internship.