Indian Committee

The PYM Indian Committee is dedicated to the support and funding of Native American initiatives that support communities and preserve cultural heritage.
We also serve as an educational resource for Friends seeking a better understanding of Native American concerns. Grants are made to Native Americans, varying widely in nature from year to year in geographical representation and content. Very rarely supports scholarship requests or organizations outside the United States. Favors projects of a one-time nature: pilot projects and seed money to help initiatives get off the ground. Favors projects that serve a community rather than a single individual.

Can I Apply?

Native American organizations or individuals can apply for project to benefit Native Americans. There are no deadlines; applications are considered as they are received.

How Do I Apply?

Review the application and funding request guidelines [PDF].

Granting Group

Appointed by PYM’s Granting Committee. Tricia Shore (clerk), Kate deRiel, Melissa Elliott, Lois Kuter, Louis Le Fevre, Nan Morrissey, James Murphy, Ed Nakawatase, Nancy Webster. Granting Committee Liaison: Tom Armstrong.

See the Annual Report 2013/14


By the wills and bequests of Mary W. Trimble, Edward Woolman, Huldah H. Bonwill, Marshall & Johnson, Parrish, and Marjorie Trent. Committee established 1795 and added to in following years.