Grantmakers Go High Tech!


This photo is not a screen grab of the Brady Bunch.  It is an action photo showing old dogs learning new tricks!

Yesterday was the big Eagles Parade that closed Center City Philadelphia to all but those wearing green, to celebrate the self-proclaimed Underdog Philadelphia Eagles.  The PYM Granting Committee was scheduled to meet there as well.  But we thought better of it.  Instead, we tried new software, Zoom, that allowed us to conference call with visuals from our homes or officers.  Ten in attendance, and apparently the software would accommodate up to 100.  The sound quality was great.  You can all view the same document together; can view each face participating by video, and also hear the folks who have phoned in.  It was a very successful first attempt.  Thanks to Carol Walz and Ken Park for cheerleading us through the process.

One of the topics at the Meeting was encouraging our different committees to share their stories.  And I thought “I’ve never done that.”  And so now I can say “Do as I say and as I do”.  It’s easy.  Try it.  You’ll like it.  Share a story!