Friends Fiduciary partners with Friends Journal to provide a new Resource for Meetings


What makes a person generous, and what leads that person to invest in a worthy cause with a gift?

These are questions that Friends Fiduciary is looking at with a particular focus – that of growing and nurturing the Religious Society of Friends through philanthropic support. They are doing this by working with Friends at Quaker meetings, churches, schools, and other organizations to develop tools that lead to bequests, planned gifts and larger investments in Meeting, church, or school endowments.

After several years of growth in services that support fundraising, Friends Fiduciary partnered with Friends Journal to make a thoughtful and compelling QuakerSpeak video about philanthropy.

Designed to be a resource for meetings and churches as they seek to create a culture of giving, it is hoped that this video will help individual Friends recognize and talk about what giving means to them. It is by having such conversations that deeper commitments to philanthropy are sparked.

Watch the video and be inspired by Friends Fiduciary and Friends Journal’s thoughtful presentation!

Meetings are small and it is difficult for them to take on planned gifts, donor advised funds, or non-cash gifts like real estate. Friends Fiduciary – whose services are trusted by Meetings –  saw that problem and developed specialized services that make sense for communities who wish to grow their  endowments without having to get into the business of managing sophisticated gift transactions, or complex accounting.

For more information about growing a meeting or school’s endowment through Friends Fiduciary supported tools, contact Mimi Blackwell, Planned Giving Program Manager, at 215-241-7272 or