A New Creation Story: Embracing Love

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As Friends, we understand that scripture uses stories about the natural world to describe the spiritual life. But, do we ever consider the facts of our biological existence as containing stories that can also illuminate our spiritual journey?

For O., a member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, carrying this query for pastoral ministry awakens joy in her heart. It raises important questions:  Are we transformed by the power of love, during our biological conception as human beings?  Might our lives be a measureless love story about creation?

It is a story that starts with sensational vibrations and biochemicals, in a catalytic universal converter.  From a single body we evolve into an ever-unfolding system, recreating songs of universal rhythms. This transformation from the singular, the body, to the cosmic, conforms elegantly to the central tenets of physical and psychological evolution.

“We are, as conscious beings, a vital part of the environment. Spiritually and physically, we all exist as essential elements entangled within creation’s evolution. This entanglement lives in our bodies even if our minds have forgotten it,” says O.

O feels that this inquiry “…is an invitation to a holistic creation parable that we have all lived.  I share this as a supplement to the Book of Genesis,” she says.  It is a theology that retains Quakerism’s core insight regarding the creative power of the Dark and the Light and places it within a contemporary biological framework.

“Life begins in the heavenly body, of a generous universe!  We forget how our miraculous journey as egg and sperm played out in the body of our mother’s womb. From inception we are attuned towards connection and cooperation.  This cosmic womb functions as a part of the body of the world to express God’s compassion.

It’s how life is delivered to earth,” continues O.  The word compassion in English comes from the Hebrew word (Ra-chamim) meaning womb.  So, what do we do with this new narrative; what point of view might this information spur from the controlling ego?

It is here that the story can come to life for Friends.  The Light can move us from egocentricity to love of God in others and ourselves, this we know. The function of this new creation story is to give us an awakened awareness of our role in the re-creation of our lives.

“It leads to an awakening to a more intimate and deeper relationship to our breathing that guides us towards our ability to be still, to pause and to listen viscerally. This process supports us in remembering that our only purpose here on earth is to love.

“For me,” says O, “if you are not loving me (or your neighbor) you are violating me (and the neighbor by breaking the laws of love), in one way or another. And if I am not loving you I am violating the laws of Love, the very laws that created the universe as a unified living eco-system.

“So, it is a new/old story of our creation.  And, it is ultimately about soul care. It awakens the wisdom of the body.  The inspiration of the spirit to guide us to giving care to the soul, our own and others.  Through breathing into this this new personal/cosmic story (within this miraculous eco-Body of God) we are called to be alive and open to the creative and transforming power of love.”

O is available as a PYM Resource Friend in Ministry & Care to share her ministry with Friends. She can be reached at loveworks24.7@gmail