PYM Staff Join National Walk Out Day

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Quakers in our region have a long history of concern about gun violence. Individual monthly meetings and the yearly meeting have approved minutes and spoken with lawmakers about it. A campaign that grew out of PYM peace work successfully closed a Philadelphia gun shop with a tremendous reputation and record …

Apply to Work with and for Our Youth

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Dear Friends! I want to make sure you are aware that we are nearing completion of the process to hire our first Youth Engagement Coordinator. We aim to complete the process by the middle of November, 2017. Another announcement will follow at that time. When the new Youth Engagement Coordinator …

General Secretary’s Letter from Bethlehem

General Secretary

Tonight is our last night in the Middle East. Every day so far I’ve felt like the day couldn’t be any longer or more emotional. Each day I learn that it can be. This was absolutely the longest day filled with more experience than I can process.

General Secretary’s Letter from Jerusalem

General Secretary

I’m writing this letter at the end of two very full days in and around Jerusalem. We are staying in a place right across the street from the New Gate to the Old City. It is mesmerizing to be walking in Jerusalem on the same streets that Jesus did.

General Secretary’s Second Letter from Cairo

General Secretary

Today was another very full day. Our first stop was a meeting with the leaders of Evangelical churches in Egypt. In the Middle East “evangelical” typically means what we might call protestant. There were about 30 people in the room including ten of us from the NCC delegation. Their ministries varied widely, from social services to pastoring churches, including a university professor and the first protestant in the Egyptian parliament.

General Secretary’s Letter from Beirut

General Secretary

It is 1:25 a.m. I just got back to the hotel from visiting with a member of the Quaker meeting here in Lebanon. The daytime, from 8-6 was entirely devoted to a series of conversations with people from the Middle East Council of Churches, including the General Secretary, the staff for Ecumenical Relief and the president of the board.

General Secretary’s Letter from Lebanon

General Secretary

Sometimes, following multigenerational connecting activities at annual sessions we have “report-back worship.”  In this style of worship, we settle into the love of God together and share out of the stillness our reflections on how the activity moved within us. As I sit in my room in Beirut and reflect back on this day so I can share it with you, I feel some of that same kind of deepening of experience in community.

Financial Support for Retreat for Friends of Color

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Philadelphia Yearly Meeting will cover $150.00 per person of the cost of the registration of PYM Friends of Color and their families to attend the upcoming Retreat for Friends of Color. It will be held November 3 to 5 at the Stony Point Center in Stony Point, New York. Head …

Staffing Update: Administrative Support in the Office

General Secretary

The following updates have been published to share further information about staffing changes: MAY 2, 2017 Staffing Update: Administrative Support in the Office APRIL 22, 2017 Communication from Leadership to PYM APRIL 14, 2017 Financial Impact: Staff Changes Follow Up Information MARCH 23, 2017 Advancement: Staff Changes Follow Up Information ...

Staffing Update: YAF Coordinator Position Reinstated

General Secretary

Note: This news was originally announced to the gathered body at Continuing Sessions on March 25, 2017. After listening to the leadership of the Young Adult Friends community, responding to the questions they asked me, and considering funding sources, I’ve revised the new staffing structure to keep the Young Adult ...

Ecumenical Declaration

General Secretary, PYM

On February 10th 2017, PYM General Secretary attend a conference hosted by the National Council of Churches and Church World Services, representing Quakers across the nation. The conference was made up of different religious denominations across the country of various faith traditions to serve as an ecumenical call to action …