Call To Action: Redressing Inclusion and Equity

First Contact Reconciliation Collaborative

PYM First Contact Reconciliation Collaborative* gathered on Oct.13th for a workshop at Friends Center. We watched the film DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY: Unmasking the Domination Code, then explored ways each of us might speak-out & take action. Resources have been provided for the following acts where products are being threshed for clarity; they currently include:

• LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Using the app NATIVE LAND, determine the tribal territory you occupy and acknowledge the people(s) of that territory when opening events, giving a talk, addressing a group, etc. Public buildings, houses of worship and private homes can also acknowledge the tribal territory they occupy with signage.
• INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY: With the growing movement to address the Myth of Columbus, come to terms with the truth of his barbaric and genocidal actions and their impacts. There are several actions that can be taken: 1) explore your local school to inquire what is being taught about Columbus; 2) offer a proposal to embrace Indigenous Peoples Day to your town, county, state, university or college.
• THANKSGIVING: with this holiday approaching, sharing with local school district, family and friends the truth about this holiday and deflating the myth.
• NATIVE MASCOTS – If your local school district has a Native mascot, you have the opportunity to bring awareness of its racism and harm to Indigenous peoples to your community. You could also share these videos: Native Americans Review Indian Mascots and/ or Proud to Be.
• DOCTRINE OF CHRISTIAN DISCOVERY – Papal Decrees put out by Popes in Rome that have laid the foundation for devaluing, discrimination and decimation of Native peoples since 1442 until today. Explore or initiate the movement within your Faith Community to rescind, revoke, repudiate.
• LETTER WRITING – write a letter on any one of these issues of justice to a newspaper, politician, website, etc. to make your voice heard.
FCRC Friends welcome the opportunity to visit with you to share cultural concerns and focus potential sadness/ anger into action steps. With revelation, may we let our lives speak, live a path peace, and build beloved community. To contact FCRC, call 609.221.7247

*This PYM collaborative, officially formed in 2017, holds intentions toward building true friendships, reconciling relationships, with Lenape Tribal People, specifically, those Lenape tribal nations/ communities who have remained on their ancestral lands. The FCRC creates space for the Lenape Tribes to lift their sovereign nations’ voices, a place for those not brought up in Native Nation community to listen. Listening also includes ways to reconcile with Spirit, with oneself, as well as with Lenape (whose hospitality lends as legacy hosts to Lenapehoking.) Being met by early Western European explorers, traders, and settlers, the Lenape are “First Contact” sovereign Nations/ Peoples. PYM calls the group a collaborative, and FCRC does network; history identifies the communities as “First Contact.” Revelation beckons reconciliation toward beloved community. Our loving identity is First Contact Reconciliation Collaborative, FCRC.

Photo credit: Nanticoke Lenape Tribal Members. Jeremy Newman © 2019