2018 Annual Sessions – Children’s Epistle

Annual Sessions, Children, Epistle

To All Friends Everywhere,

We, the Children of PYM, came together for Annual Sessions at The College of New Jersey, July 25-29, 2018.

We gathered to discuss Earthcare, one way we can let our lives speak. Resident artist Anna DeCaria hosted a sustainable weaving workshop. We used recycled fabric to make pom poms and bags. We had a meeting for business where we discerned and we’re in unity to plant flowers at the next Children & Families gathering, to compost and recycle more, and to raise money for a nonprofit centering Earthcare by hosting a bake sale. We learned that taking care of the Earth is very important. We urge the community to follow our lead and love the Earth by planting seeds, helping people, and sharing the joy!

We urge adults to ask the children because we know how to take care of the Earth.