Young Friends

Young Friends is open to any high-school aged Quaker or Quaker-friendly folks in the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting region to engage in community, spiritual excavation, personal and collective growth in leadership and caring, and (perhaps most importantly), the fun and joy of being with other young Quaker and Quaker-friendly folks!

Next: Young Friends at Camp Onas

August 20-26, Camp Onas, 609 Geigel Hill Rd. Ottsville, PA
At the Young Friends’ Camp Onas Gathering, we’ll welcome old and new Young Friends for some of the regular Camp Onas treats with a twist on de-stressing and self-care. Look forward to workshops on personality types, techniques for tough times, and finally, a spa and body-care day topped off by a pool party! There will be times for playing hard, learning and discerning together, sharing deeply, and getting a final bit of relaxation in before the school year hits. Come join in!

Welcome to Young Friends

The PYM Young Friends program provides a spiritual home for high school aged Quaker and Quaker-friendly youth through explorations of community, spirituality, leadership, and fun!  For more information about the Young Friends Program, Visit the About Young Friends page.

The Young Friends program is directed by a dynamic collaboration of youth and adult leadership.  Young Friends provides an opportunity for youth to experiment in and learn about leadership in a way that is distinctive to Quaker community. For more information, visit the Leadership page or the Staff page.

The Young Friends guidelines are all about supporting a safe and accepting community in which everyone is loved and appreciated for what they bring.  These guidelines acknowledge that we all may need some help remembering how to be in community with awareness and care for ourselves and others.  For more information, visit the Young Friends Guidelines page

Our wonderful adult volunteers (known as Friendly Adult Presences) make the Young Friends Program possible. Are you 21 or over and Quaker or Quaker affiliated? Does inter-generational community bring you to life? If so, check out the Volunteers page or contact the Program Coordinator to learn about upcoming opportunities!