Middle School Friends

The PYM Middle School Friends program provides middle schoolers the opportunity to connect with one another across the yearly meeting. Together we will create community, lift up and encourage leadership, explore what it means to be Quaker, and have ridiculous amounts of fun!


Camp Swatara: Middle School and Young Friends Gathering
Middle School Friends and Young Friends from around the Yearly Meeting join Caln Quarterly Meeting’s Family Weekend for workshops, time in the woods and time with Friends.
Date:               May 2-4
Location:        Camp Swatara, Bethel, PA
Participants:   6th-8th graders and 9th-12th graders
Cost:               $88 before March 31st, $100 before April 21st (scholarship is available!)

Welcome to the Middle School Friends Program

The goal of the Middle School Friends program focuses broadly on enabling the spiritual growth and commitment of Friends who are in that peculiar stage of life, commonly known as middle school. It is hoped that by participating in the MSF program, middle school Friends will come away with a better sense of what it means to be Quaker, establish and maintain meaningful relationships with other Quakers their age, develop a sense of possibility for what being Quaker could mean for them in their lives today, and in the future.

The PYM Middle School Friends program holds yearly-meeting wide weekend-long gatherings of Middle School Friends. A typical gathering consists of about 35 middle schoolers and 10 adults (staff and volunteers). Our program is a mix of play, discussion, spiritual education, arts/music, and community-building activities. Learn more about our gatherings here!

The middle school friends community is incredibly grateful to the many volunteers who donate their time and energy to the MSF program. We are always looking for people who are energetic, playful, spiritually grounded, interested in hanging out with middle schoolers, and able to sleep on a meeting-house floor for a weekend. If this sounds like a good time to you, check out our volunteers page!