Spiritual Disciplines List

Spiritual Disciplines:

“Exercising Spiritual Muscles”

“Habits of Mind and Soul”

“Learning How to be Open to the Divine”

“Support for Your Intention to Listen to God”

Reading: Devotional
Reading: Spiritual
Reading: Poetry
Meditation: Western Active
Meditation: Eastern Stilling
Writing: Journaling
Writing: Letters
Writing: Record Dreams
Writing: Poetry
Movement: Walking
Movement: Tai Chi
Movement: Yoga
Movement: Dance
Prayer: Centering
Prayer: Contemplative
Prayer: Active
The Arts: Music
The Arts: Draw
The Arts: Paint
The Arts: Sculpt
Nature: Birdwatching
Nature: Gardening
Household Tasks: Straightening
Household Tasks: Dishes
Lectio Divina
Tithing of Time
Tithing of Money
Keeping the Sabbath
Combinations: Painting Nature
Combinations: Prayer Walks
Other Ideas:

References: Grundy & McPeak, Loring, Conti-Entin, other Friends who’ve shared their journeys with me, Wanda Wyffels

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