Programs of PYM

Youth Program Internship: Young adult Quakers in the PYM region are placed with the Children’s, Middle School Friends, or Young Friends program to serve as Friendly Adult Presences for at least 6 days out of the year.  These  interns reflect and report on their experiences, and as an award for their service, interns receive $500 towards their participation in Quaker events or opportunities for spiritual development.

Friends Institute Granting Group: FIGG offers grants to individual PYM young adult Friends to encourage and support them in ministry, service, witness, and Quaker study. It also supports programs, events or activities of organizations which support and build the community of PYM young adult Friends.

Post-Secondary Education Loans & Grants: Provides tuition aid for PYM members or children of members attending college or graduate school

Other Resources for and/or about Young Adult Friends


12 How-To’s of Building Intergenerational Community – super short pamphlets of practical tips from welcoming YAFs to reaching out to families to planning truly intergenerational events.

Coming to Friendship as a Gift – a powerful story of one young adult’s journey into Quaker community, and how her meetings supported her.  Ends with queries for individuals and meetings.

Build-It Toolkit – a compilation of games, resources, and articles on the importance of multigenerational Quaker community and how to create it!

Spirit Rising – an anthology of writings by young Quakers from around the globe.  It was on the reading list of the 2014-15 PYM Intergenerational Spiritual Formation program.

YAF Mentorship Guide – a framework for creating a spiritual mentorship relationship with someone in your meeting or wider Quaker community.