Middle East Collaborative

We offer a forum for discussion, educational events, and distribution of resources about topics of concern to the group. Topics include social, environmental, and political issues in the Middle East, refugees both globally and in Philadelphia, BDS and support of nonviolent resistance in Israel/Palestine, fossil fuels, and climate connection.

Welcome to this Collaborative

To support and help nurture the Quaker community and Quaker institutions in the Middle East. To highlight issues and concerns relating to the Middle East for PYM Friends. To facilitate outreach and build connections to other individuals, groups, and institutions in the Philadelphia region and the Middle East with shared concerns and interests.

What We Do

Host educational events on current issues and concerns relating to the Middle East, and provide resources on ways to get involved.

Who We Are

Friends in the Philadelphia area who have interest, concerns, connections, and/or experience in the Middle East.

When We Meet

First First Day of January, March, May, and November, with more flexibility in the summer, at the Meetings of different members of the group. Friends are invited to attend Meeting for Worship, followed by the meeting of the Middle East Collaborative group.

Get Involved

The Middle East Collaborative invites you to attend the next group meeting to learn more about our current activities and opportunities for engagement. Please check the PYM calendar for events.