Gifts of Stock

Information for your broker

Friends Fiduciary processes stock gifts to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The U.S. Bank serves as custodian for Friends Fiduciary. The shares should be delivered via DTC wire #2803 to U. S. Bank N.A., Institutional Number 12278 for deposit into Account # 10996‐01‐J, Consolidated Fund Participant Income Account. U.S. Bank N.A., Institutional Trust & Custody, EX‐PA‐WBSP, ATTN: Carol Hopewell, 50 S. 16th Street, Suite 2000, Philadelphia, PA 19103, (t) 215‐761‐9337 (f) 215‐761‐9414. Please provide instructions that the gift is intended for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

Please notify PYM or Friends Fiduciary Corporation

It is important that someone notify Friends Fiduciary Corporation before the transfer happens. FFC will make an effort to identify gifts, but will not accept stock if they do not have confirmation from the charitable beneficiary or the donor.

Please provide PYM or Friends Fiduciary Corp with the following information

  • Name of donor
  • Company name and CUSIP number of the stock and number of shares
  • Date transfer is expected to be completed
  • Name of broker and contact person with telephone number