Nominating Council

With divine assistance, the Nominating Council brings Friends with needed gifts and skills into service for the yearly meeting’s primary structures and roles. The council identifies yearly meeting officers, members of the councils, representatives to outside groups and ad hoc structures, and brings their names forward for approval by the yearly meeting in session.

Welcome to this Council

Nominating Council is responsible to report to Annual Sessions on its work and recommendations for nominations.

Nominating Council will report the names of Nominating Council members named by the Quarters to the yearly meeting in session. Nominating Council will nominate to yearly meeting in session the following positions:

  1. Clerk of PYM, Alternate clerks, Recording clerks, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Elders.
  2. Clerks and members of Administrative Council and Quaker Life Council.
  3. Representatives to organizations external to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, such as American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), Friends General Conference (FGC), interfaith councils, and other groups that the Quaker Life Council deems necessary.
  4. Members of PYM ad-hoc committees at the request of the yearly meeting in session or the councils.