Thread Gatherings


The common ministries of our community are the threads that weave our Yearly Meeting together.

Wondering When and Where the next Thread Gatherings Will Be?

We are temporarily laying down Thread Gatherings through the winter of 2016 to leave space for evaluation and discernment. In our new structure, the Quaker Life Council is responsible for raising up Threads and building new programs to support them. By the spring of 2016, it is likely that “Thread Gatherings 2.0” will be announced. Until then, there are many other ways to get involved, like extended meeting for worship and continuing sessions. Check out the PYM Calendar to see what’s next!

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Thread Gatherings bring Friends from many monthly meetings together for a shared sense of community and calling.

Each gathering focuses on one primary thread (topic) and offers workshops, experience sharing of our ministry, wisdom sharing from our experience and more.  For more details check out a typical gathering.

Each gathering focuses on a particular thread.  All Friends with an interest in that thread are encouraged to participate.  It is helpful when several Friends from a single meeting attend a gathering because then they can attend different workshops and they can share perspectives and experiences.

Find out when the next gathering is by reviewing the list of events for the year.  Additionally, you can ensure that you will receive emailed updates by subscribing to the Threadletter.