PYM Quakers seek to create and steward resources to help individuals, communities and the world.

We provide spiritual and tangible assistance to those in need.

All our resources stem from our desire to bring light to the world and implement our testimony to the power of the Divine spirit.

Religious Education

Resources to help us make space for the spiritual lives of our young people and nurture their relationship to the Divine.

Monthly Meeting Administration

Find or share best practices, resources or advice for monthly meeting clerks, treasurers, committees, and others.

Pastoral Care

Our Yearly Meeting offers Pastoral Care resources to support individuals, families, and meetings in caring for one another.


PYM’s ministry of  granting transforms lives, furthers Friends Testimonies, and supports Quaker organizations in our area and throughout the world.


Books, journals, pamphlets, and spiritually inspiring works for the benefit of seekers, Quakers, meetings and the world.

Friends and Education

Friends hold the belief  that all persons are potential channels for the Inner Light and that all can benefit from education. Learn about Friends Education and yearly meeting programs that support our belief.

Henry J. Cadbury Library

The PYM library has an extensive collection of 23,000 books, periodicals, and audio-visual items, for children and adults, dealing mainly with Quaker theology, history, biography and social concerns.