Apply to Work with and for Our Youth

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Dear Friends!

I want to make sure you are aware that we are nearing completion of the process to hire our first Youth Engagement Coordinator. We aim to complete the process by the middle of November, 2017. Another announcement will follow at that time.

When the new Youth Engagement Coordinator is hired, they will need immediately to commence another process to find Program Facilitators for the Middle School Friends and Children & Families Programs.

We hope that you will spread the word that we are now taking applications for these positions in preparation for the Youth Engagement Coordinator to take up the search as soon as they start. See below for the announcements, forward this message, and talk them up as far and wide as you’d like! The deadline for applying is Wednesday, November 15.

Announcement for the Children & Families Program Facilitator

Announcement for the Middle School Friends Program Facilitator

Zachary T. Dutton
Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life