Volunteers that work with young people in PYM’s youth programs are called Friendly Adults Presences, and these lovely people are essential to the Young Friends Program.

In order to maintain an appropriate ratio of adults to children, we are always seeking volunteers who are interested in supporting the Young Friends’ spiritual development, work, and play.

Friendly Adult Presences appropriate for the Young Friends program are:

  • Friends who love being in community with youth
  • At least 21 years old
  • Known in a Quaker community or a community like PYM for at least six months prior to service

Safety is a top concern for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.  In order to volunteer as a Friendly Adult Presence, you will be asked to complete some simple forms and consent to a background check.  These forms and more information about this process is available on the Child Safety Background Checks page.  You can also check out the Young Friends Friendly Adult Presence Guide for more information about what to do as a Friendly Adult Presence.  Feel free to contact the Youth Engagement Coordinator with any questions or to learn about upcoming opportunities!