Packing List

It can be hard to know what to bring when getting ready for a gathering!  Some Young Friends events require special supplies, but for most of our gatherings, the following is a basic list of necessities that you should think about bringing along.

  • Seasonally appropriate clothing, including cooler clothes (for hot days or stuffy rooms) and warmer clothes (for cold weather or air conditioning).  Bring something that you are okay getting dirty or ripped – Young Friends gatherings can be hard on clothes!
    • swim suit and rain gear may be necessary in warmer weather!
  • Pajamas in which you will be comfortable being seen and others will be comfortable seeing you
  • Bedding: sleeping mat or blow-up mattress, pillow, sheets & blankets or sleeping bag
  • Toiletries: all your normal stuff plus sunscreen and bug-spray in the summer
  • Other: flashlight & batteries, games, craft materials and musical instruments