Young Friends Program Facilitator

Lori Sinitzky brings collaborative energy to her work with Young Friends, who she describes as being “on journeys of exploration and discovery, community, unity, and self-actualization.” Lori is a member of Green Street Monthly Meeting and participates in the Worship and Ministry committee. She is a passionate Quaker and educator with 15 years of experience in Friends schools. She describes herself as a spiritual seeker with a family history of diverse spiritual practices. Lori has a deep commitment to Quaker ways, social justice, and full inclusion of all people. She brings mindfulness practices and a love of the visual and performing arts to all aspects of her work.

Young Friends Program Assistant

Aeryn Luminkith’s experience with young people includes working with high school students as a photography teacher, tutoring in a non-profit youth center, and LGBTQ advocacy work with non-profit organizations in Philadelphia. Aeryn brings her warmth and concern for inclusive youth community, and her interest in creating a balance in programming between playful and grounded energy. She has a deep appreciation for Quaker beliefs and values and the Quaker commitment to social justice and equality. She strongly believes in supporting youth leadership and emotional development through fostering environments of mutual respect, understanding, and equal opportunities.